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Foul Weather Whip Antenna V2

Foul Weather Whip Antenna V2

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The Foul Weather Whip Antenna V2 that still won’t sag in the cold. Bigger more robust clasp style BNC connector. Sturdy strain relief back shell. Β +~3Dbi gain. Tuned for 146MHz & 446MHz with the 2M/70cm option. The MURS/GMRS is tunes for 160Mhz/460Mhz. Male BNC connector 1/4 turn quick disconnect. This antenna is a dual band UHF/VHF antenna. It’s perfect for a handheld setup. It pairs nicely with any Baofeng/ Yaesu/ Quansheng/ Motorola/ Hytera and so on. If it does UHF/VHF this antenna will make it better.

Don't forget the BNC adapter! Take a look at your radio SMA with the antenna off. The center pin determines the gender. You only need to pay attention to the SMA gender. If it has a pin you need the Female adapter, If there is a hole you need the Male adapter.

This antenna will do 2M/70Cm FRS/MURS GMRS no sweat!

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